List of Articles

Happy medical worker with case sheets

Signs Of Changing Needs

3 Stages Of Caregiving

Fall Prevention—Facts and Figures

Fall Prevention Checklist

Starting The Conversation

Legal Considerations

The Signs Of Dementia

Caregiver Burnout

Aging In Place

Long Term Care Living

Home care Funding

Senior Links

Home Safety Equipment

Agency vs. Registry




One thought on “List of Articles

  1. We’ve just read the Kingsmill Review which reviews the UK Care Sector. Couple of comments. No talk of medical oversight for home care patients. You don’t need Care Managers – you need RN Supervision of caregivers. Stop talking about Social Care – it’s not and it dilutes the real needs of patients as most do have medical conditionsZero hour contracts? No contracts – just allow caregivers to work for other providers as well. If you are a good employer they will prefer to work for you anyway. 15 minute cares slots? – No – 2 hour minimum shifts. If you want to see what mature homecare regulations look like, check out Delaware’s home care regulations on our website – they arguably the benchmark regulations for homecare in the USA

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